Why Software? Why Aam Digital?

Paper files and standard software like Word and Excel are easy to use and flexible but ...

... simple paper/digital documents can only be shared by copying them, often leading to many inconsistent versions.

... a lot of information has to be moved around manually, keeping team members from working directly with your beneficiaries.

... it's difficult to keep track of all developments as social worker or as a manager. Critical cases may get lost or forgotten.



All Information In One Place

No more sorting through dozens of files. Get all relevant information - personal data, reports, results, documents - at a glance, presented by the software in a logical way for your current task at hand.

Track Progress & Activities

Use automatically generated summaries to get an overview of your organisation's activities at a higher level. And let the system help to remind you about overdue actions or exceptional cases.

Sync Team

Keep all team members using (and updating) only the latest data. The system automatically syncs in the background between all users and devices, avoiding people to use outdated information or forgetting to share their updates with the rest of the team. No more parallel copies of files, leading to multiple, inconsistent versions.

Easy to Use

While many corporate software systems require experts for setup and training just to find your way through their complex menus, we aspire to build a radically simple to use tool for small, grassroots organisations.

Offline Ready

All data is automatically storage on your device, so you can keep using the system even without internet connectivity. Once you are back online changes are automatically synced with the other users again.

Desktop & Mobile

Use it comfortably at your office computer or get the needed information directly on your mobile while working in the field.


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